Candorians Become Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultants

Eight Candorians became certified Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultants after the certification recently became available for the first time ever. The Nonprofit Cloud is a complete platform for nonprofits, aiding organizations in powering all aspects of their mission. The Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification recognizes high caliber platform experts. Examination sections include:


* NPSP Settings and Administration

* Nonprofit Cloud Data Management

* Nonprofit Cloud Analytics

* Nonprofit Domain Expertise

* Nonprofit Cloud Solution Design

* Nonprofit Cloud Implementation Strategies and Best Practices


This certification recognizes their dedication to remaining at the top of their field and achieving a high level of expertise in order to best seek success for their customers. We couldn’t be more proud of them, and happy that they are part of our team!

About the author

Marketing & Content Strategist

Laura manages corporate editorial content at Candoris. Her extensive and diverse experience in communications, program development, case management, and operations, particularly with international nonprofits, lends itself well to her dynamic role on our marketing and communications team. Laura graduated from Franciscan University with a bachelor's degree in English writing.