Customer Success Story: Men of Iron

Who & What

Men of Iron is a culture-changing men’s ministry borne out of one man feeling called to build a mentoring program fostering authentic Christian leadership. It has grown to develop a multi-state network of connecting mentors with proteges, of partnering with churches and communities to implement activities and host group retreats, and of offering podcasts and live simulcasted events.


Business Need

After an initial discovery to gain an understanding of their internal operations, Candoris’ Salesforce team established an implementation roadmap and rapidly developed a payment processing system utilizing Stripe. The next phase of the project consisted of creating a customized Salesforce experience focused on both development and mentorship processes. Candoris also set up a Salesforce Community to support the various organizations engaged with Men of Iron, thereby empowering them to manage their participants and goals.


Custom work within a community empowers engagement


As Men of Iron had also voiced a goal of expanding their utilization of Microsoft Office 365 at the outset of the project, Candoris’ Data Center engineering team developed and completed a roadmap of implementation comprised of migration milestones. The first phase covered identity, logins, and security; the second included migrating their email from Gmail to Outlook; the third milestone consisted of porting over documents from Google Drive to OneDrive and SharePoint. The project closed with training their team on best practices of site structure and folder creation, document sharing, previous edition restoring, and more. After all the project-based work was completed, Men of Iron signed up for Candoris Managed Services. This will provide them with IT support for future questions or needs as they arise.


“This year we made several major changes in the way we communicate internally as staff and externally with our advocates. Candoris has made this transition seamless. From working on an app to implementing Salesforce, Candoris has been available to assist us with every hurdle and every question. They have been hands-on, detailed, and extremely knowledgeable through every phase of the project. We are now better equipped as an organization for the next 5-10 years and beyond.”

– Steve Glick, Director of Communications



The Results

Men of Iron now possesses a robust Salesforce CRM, a Salesforce Community, an efficient payment processing system with protected data, a dynamic cloud platform, and IT support on call. By supercharging their productivity, elevating their security, and modernizing their infrastructure, Men of Iron will head into the future equipped with the capacity to be unified, responsive, agile, and secure.