2020 Partnership Feature: CURE

Credit: Joel Witwer/ CURE International

CURE has always held a special place in the story of Candoris nonprofit partnerships. We’ve joined together with them over the years in various ways, most recently in 2019 by helping offset the cost of medical training for Dr. Katungi, a soon-to-graduate Ugandan neurosurgeon who will treat children at the CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda. Dr. Katungi just completed his third year of training at the Division of Neurosurgery at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He will be preparing for and taking his exams this year, followed by an intensive year-long surgical practice in 2021, after which he will return to Uganda to perform 400-500 surgeries for babies and children every year. The story of Nelvin from Uganda is a small glimpse into the reality of these life-changing surgeries. We’re very proud of Dr. Katungi and blessed to witness his fervent desire to serve his people in a much-needed way.

At the beginning of this year we again looked to renew our efforts in supporting the life-changing surgical care that CURE performs for children around the world. We tried to focus in on alleviating the most anticipated needs in 2020, which we discovered to be covering the cost of surgeries. The average cost of a CURE surgery is $1,000. At an average of 65 procedures performed every day at CURE hospitals, at there are 300 surgeries weekly around the world! Candoris is partnering with CURE to offset surgery costs performed for children in the Philippines, Niger, and Uganda locations. Funding enables CURE to continue working through very extensive waiting lists for scheduled surgeries. Candoris COO Leron Lehman has served as founding Executive Director of these two pediatric orthopedic hospitals.

There are many ways to journey along with CURE!




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