Impacting Communities Through Volunteer Time Off

One of the most rewarding perks of working at Candoris is the paid volunteer time off they so graciously give their employees. This continues to reinforce our core mission and values, as well as allows us to make an impact that goes beyond the workplace. Every staff member is given five days a year to volunteer in any manner or capacity they choose. As these days are paid, it allows us to make a difference in the community while being less intrusive than it would normally be. 

Personally, I have used this volunteer time on many occasions. I am very blessed to be a youth group leader at my church, and there are many opportunities to use the volunteer days there. Some impactful instances that really stand out are the multiple chances I’ve had to serve the homeless community in New York City, with a few other adults and the teens from the youth group. We stay in The Projects in the Bronx, at a small apartment owned by a local ministry. Typically, there’s about 20 people we cram into a building with three bedrooms and one bathroom. Not the most ideal living conditions, but certainly doable for a few days. During our time in the city, we are able to serve with local ministries preparing food for the homeless community. That is just the first step, as we then go out and distribute it. We normally spend some of our time at an actual shelter, and then the rest of the time we spend at a gas station where the homeless and/or the jobless will gather for food and job opportunities.  

It’s common that this trip takes place anywhere from November to February, so it tends to be pretty cold as we are handing out food at the gas station. That being said, this pales in comparison to what most of these people are going through daily. All in all, we can make an incredible impact on the people and communities we serve there. Candoris’ volunteer time off helps make this a reality. 

About the author

Steven is an Account Executive in the Western Pennsylvania/ Maryland region on the Data Center Sales Team. He joined Candoris through a college internship and earned a permanent role after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Geneva College. His driven, charismatic personality and organized attention to detail make him a winning member of the Candoris sales team for both teammates and customers alike.