Mentoring Students Through Volunteer Time Off

How can I be authentic with others in the world and my community? This is something I’ve been reflecting on recently. What comes to mind for you when you think about authenticity?

One of the ways we at Candoris live out our core values is by taking advantage of paid time off to serve others. At first glance this is counter intuitive. Our company pays us up to a week’s worth of time to not work? I’m in a customer-facing role, and that means a week away from developing relationships with clients that make both myself and Candoris even more successful. But our company does this! What a great way for us to live out our purpose with authenticity.

One primary byproduct of growing in authenticity is gaining and maintaining perspective, which actually increases our ability to serve others. I’m involved in mentoring a student at a local Lancaster High School. His situation is quite different from mine, and I’ve been faced with questions like, what challenges does he face that I’ve never considered? How does he view the world and its challenges differently than I do? He is a junior and looking at becoming an accountant. We’ve spent some time at a career expo and technical school in the area, with the goal of understanding more clearly his strengths and how to build on them. We’ve done a DISC assessment together and are walking through finding his personal why as well as discovering who he is as a person.

Service to others keeps me grounded. If I serve others with humility, I can continue to focus on what is best for others and their organizations.

Please let us know if we can serve yours!

About the author

Ben is a Data Center Sales Account Executive in the Eastern Pennsylvania/ Delaware region. His background of sales in the energy industry, combined with a love of travel, languages, and thought-provoking conversations, make him a dynamic addition to the team. Benjamin holds degrees in International Business and Spanish from Grove City College.