The Intentionality of Being Missional 

What is a missional company, and how does Candoris strive to be one?  


We believe that a missional company is one whose heartbeat is loving the people and organizations that it is serving and seeking lasting success for, and one that is focused outward versus inward. The Latin root of our name Candoris challenges us daily; we have values of honesty, integrity, sincerity, and trust to live up to in every interaction. Our company core purpose and values support our mission- focused goal of supplying children around the world with medicine, education, food, and clean water. We are each inspired by the idea that our time, talent, and resources are not our own, but given to us so that we may serve others. Our team members see themselves differently; their job is missional. A job doesn’t just remain a ‘job’, when that task is being a pathfinder to solve real problems and creating something of lasting value. This why is what fuels each Candorian to come to work every day. We’re humbly aware that we’re aiming to change the world for team members, customers, partners, and communities.


Core Purpose:

To Love Creating Lasting Value Through Fellowship and Innovation. An atmosphere of respect, trust, and encouragement is of paramount importance. In order to innovate to solve problems, we must each seek self-improvement. 


Core Values:

Humility, Unity, Truth; Absence of Negativity, Politics and Selfishness
Speak with truth and candor. Be positive and reject office politics. Put others first. These foundational goals are critical to our company DNA. 


Creating and Leveraging Innovation to Solve Problems
Candorians are ignited by acting as self-starters and rising to the challenge of leveraging a method, idea, or product to create a solution for a problem someone is facing.   


Respect and Honor Family and Life Priorities
We purposely foster a mentality that respects balancing work life and family life, including taking care of oneself outside the office. Only by looking at a person as an organic whole can true balance be created. 


Intentionally Impacting Others through Profits and Servanthood
We exist to make a difference. This means that we focus on goals greater than financial gain. 


Steadfast Commitment to Doing the Right Thing
We strive to be known for our integrity and reliability, and team members are committed to doing the right thing in every situation. 



Our interactions within our team, with our customers, and with the communities and nonprofits we partner with to serve are guided by the above principles. With this as our compass, we look to our customers to entrust us with their missions. It’s because of them that we can strive to make a difference.



About the author

Marketing & Content Strategist

Laura plays a key role in marketing, communications, and operations initiatives at Candoris, including managing corporate content and the employee wellness program. Her project/program management experience, coupled with over a decade of crafting compelling stories for publications, nonprofits, and international programs, has led her to develop the Candoris brand identity and voice supported by a holistic content marketing strategy. Laura graduated from Franciscan University with a degree in English writing and is passionate about corporate mission and social responsibility.