The Lasting Value of Corporate Culture & Mission

Humility, Unity, Truth; Absence of Negativity, Politics and Selfishness

Intentionally Impacting Others Through Profits and Servanthood

Creating and Leveraging Innovation to Solve Problems

Respect and Honor Family and Life Priorities

Steadfast Commitment to Doing the Right Thing

“Our desire has always been for Candoris to make a difference with our technology, our expertise, and our mission.”

Stephan Van Der Ploog, Candoris President & Chief Accountability Officer

At the institution of Candoris two things were absolutely clear to the founders: they would create a company that was not only set on offering best-of-breed digital solutions and attracting top talent, but would remain focused on non-negotiable core values and mission.

This culture of purpose has been communicated to and perpetuated through the team members over the past 10 years of its existence. Part company history, part team culture, part personal mission, this increasingly rare corporate environment has offered a unique sense of fulfillment to its employees.

“We had this belief that good business and the way you treat your employees go hand-in-hand, and they feed off each other. All too often, we felt businesses were focused on one metric – the profit of the business. What we believed and what we tried to practice, was that when you focus on the employee as a whole, and you meet their needs as a whole outside of what they produce from a work perspective, you actually get a better employee, a better customer experience, a better company culture, and a better result – which also boosts profit,” says Stephan.


Giving back is trending! Balancing purpose with profit has become a differentiator in the corporate world. Just look at the upward trends in businesses pledging 1% in various ways, giving 1% for the planet, and becoming Certified B Corporations.

Life satisfaction is not always about money; serving is a big thing,” Stephan remarks.

Here are a few ways that Candoris as a company and as a team gives back:

Nate Kirby Day: An Annual Day of Service as a Team

Serve one another humbly in love (Galatians 5:13)

A long-standing tradition is Nate Kirby Day, which our team celebrated last week. This annual day of service offers a much-anticipated time as a team (we fly, train, and UBER in our employees in order to spend time together!) to band together as servant leaders to affect the local community for good. From doing home improvements for local handicapped residents, to cooking meals for the nearby Ronald McDonald House, to cleaning horse paddocks for a therapeutic riding facility, it’s humbling, uplifting, and inspiring to see professionals at the top of their industry painting light posts and cleaning horse manure.

Paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in (Matthew 25:35)

Paid volunteer time off (VTO) is a corporate benefit offered all Candorians. Over the years, they have used this time to serve nonprofits of their choosing in various capacities that align with personal values. From journeying through rehabilitation of heart disease patients with Mended Hearts, to mentoring young women through Junior Achievement, to traveling to Nassau to update shelters for people with AIDS shunned from their families, our team members give of themselves and pay it forward in incredible ways.

Corporate Giving

Driven by a desire to be authentic and transparent, Candoris published its second annual social impact/giving report: The Sine Cera Report. The pages highlight involvement with initiatives that illuminate the world with passion and talent. It features Nate Kirby Day events, annual and to-date hours of paid volunteer time off (VTO), and the beautiful missions of organizations that we’ve partnered with philanthropically. With giving weaved into the core DNA of the company, our team has taken to using this opportunity to reflect on the good we’ve done over the course of the year.


To sum it up, at Candoris we use the word ‘mission’ a lot — the mission of our company, our team, our customers, and the nonprofits we partner with. The reason for creating Candoris and the reason that our people are passionate about their daily work is to make a difference in the lives of colleagues, clients, communities, and those less fortunate.

It’s because of our partners, our team, and our customers that this has all been possible. A world of thanks!

About the author

Marketing & Content Strategist

Laura plays a key role in marketing, communications, and operations initiatives at Candoris, including managing corporate content and the employee wellness program. Her project/program management experience, coupled with over a decade of crafting compelling stories for publications, nonprofits, and international programs, has led her to develop the Candoris brand identity and voice supported by a holistic content marketing strategy. Laura graduated from Franciscan University with a degree in English writing and is passionate about corporate mission and social responsibility.