Build, Run, Manage: The Future of Applications is Now

Candoris has been operating as a trusted partner that helps customers through their digital transformation by focusing on modernizing infrastructure, elevating security, and supercharging productivity. As part of that digital transformation, we’ve seen applications move from a supporting role to a critical driver of business. We’re not alone in our view of the importance of applications in today’s world. 

This year at VMworld, VMware announced their new portfolio of software products to support cloud native applications of the future: VMware Tanzu. I love the framework they’ve developed to communicate the value of Tanzu, as it completely aligns with the teams and skills we’ve developed at Candoris. We help customers build modern applications, ensure these applications run as necessary, and efficiently manage their environments.

  • The Candoris DevOps Team is built from the perfect blend of development and operations, and is embracing containers and Kubernetes, ensuring our ability to run applications in a private software defined data center, a public cloud, or both in a hybrid cloud scenario.
  • The Candoris End User Compute Team is deploying VMware Workspace One and identity management solutions, enabling end users to consume applications on a secure, modern workspace platform.
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The future is now, and Candoris is ready to help build, run, and manage cloud native applications all while continuing to focus on helping businesses transform via modernizing infrastructure, elevating security, and supercharging productivity! 

About the author

Chief Technology Officer

Sam has an impeccable track record in the IT field. He has managed internal development teams and completed projects for major health systems, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Sam graduated from Penn State University with a BS in computer engineering and has an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.