Dell EMC VxRail Delivers Strategic Lifecycle Management

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At Candoris, we’ve seen tremendous growth in interest surrounding hyperconverged infrastructure, often abbreviated as “HCI”. The industry has promised greater agility, ease of management and even cost reductions in the administrative effort tied to data center infrastructure. Any solution that can simplify management of server and storage infrastructure is bound to turn some heads and enable teams to focus on what really matters – the applications. 

Why HCI with VMware vSAN?

For more than 10 years, the 3-tier architecture of Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Fabric and Hypervisor has been the great enabler of datacenter agility. Workloads can be moved, cloned, snapshot and protected with high availability. Functions are logically separated amongst tiers, and efficiencies and performance are obtained through the pooling of resources. However, this same architecture has led to siloing of knowledge around storage solutions, networking and hypervisor technologies.  

Credit: Dell EMC

Hyperconvergence with VMware vSAN integrates storage functionality of SANs directly into the hypervisor. 

  • IO performance is improved with short, in-kernel data paths and high performance SSD storage.  
  • Networking is simplified without the need for expensive FiberChannel or complicated iSCSI fabrics. 
  • Administrators can manage their entire server infrastructure from VMware vCenter and simplify their training requirements. 
  • Agility is achieved with easy expansion and simplified software upgrades. 
Dell EMC VxRail

What is Dell EMC VxRail?

Dell EMC VxRail is a collaboration of Dell Technologies to build upon the strengths of VMware vSAN by offering a platform for complete lifecycle management. VxRail is sustained as a single product. That means no more management of multiple tiers of infrastructure and the associated complexity of ensuring when updates are made available that all the software and hardware updates are compatible with one another, performed in the appropriate order, or even validated as a good and stable state.

Simplify lifecycle management
Credit: Dell EMC

Simply install the pre-tested, validated, engineered software packages to update the solution. Whether the update includes critical hypervisor fixes, BIOS updates, new firmware, or support for new hardware platforms to be used in the same cluster, updates are a single package with everything that will simply work and take you from one good known state to the next good known state.

What about Disaster Recovery Solutions?

Dell EMC nodes include Cloud Disaster Recovery with RecoverPoint and CloudDR. Data is replicated to low-cost Amazon AWS S3 storage and can later be recovered to Amazon EC2 or directly to VMware Cloud on AWS meeting a range of RPO and RTO times. Failback and one-click, orchestrated, recovery is included (1 – 5 licenses of Dell EMC RecoverPoint are included with each VxRail node).

Interested in Seeing More?

Candoris account executives are always ready to facilitate a discussion with our engineers and set you up with a demo.

If you’re one who learns better by “doing”, I strongly recommend checking out VMware’s Hands on Labs. There’s a lab for nearly every product and it’s a great way to get familiar with the technology! Create a free account and try out vSAN and VxRail. 

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