Infrastructure to Inform Your Future and Empower Your Growth: PowerEdge MX

Throughout the past twenty years, technology has changed in a big way. iPods went from singular devices with black and white screens to cohesive applications available anywhere, anytime on something called the cloud. Video conferencing changed, upgrading pixelated and slow images to clear collaboration environments and thereby bringing remote workers closer to a physical office space. In 2005, YouTube made internet video free for viewers – the starting block for today’s rich media demand. As companies make internal and external advancements, infrastructure becomes a hot topic. Today, as big data and internet of things (IOT) flood conversations surrounding technological advancements, it might be time to reconsider your organization’s infrastructure.

Data Advancements Necessitate Robust Infrastructure

Universities and research facilities traditionally exist to discover advancements that can be applied within life sciences, physics, nuclear, and other subject matter. Across the world, these researchers are now conducting studies on subjects like genotyping with DNA by collecting, storing, and processing big data that will support their theories and potentially result in cutting-edge discoveries. In order to prove their theories correct, it’s necessary to crunch the data. And this is where things become complicated. With the right infrastructure, organizations are given the competitive edge to stand tall as technology changes. Enter PowerEdge MX.

PowerEdge MX is a powerhouse for unstructured data

PowerEdge MX infrastructure scales with your organization as a single continuous fabric, tying together compute and storage resources as well as GPUs. This converged infrastructure starts with 25 gig networking and supports up to 200 gigs per connection fabric, tying together high-performance compute resources and empowering your organization’s needs today and in the future. Not just for needs in big data and IOT, the benefit of the PowerEdge MX is that it can handle any compute component for your business workload, from powering mixed-workload SDx infrastructure to specialized data mining.

Informing the Future with Data Mining

What is data mining? Data mining is the process of dynamically discovering patterns in large data sets, in near real time, involving methods at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and database systems. It empowers organizations to use historical and real-time data to inform the future. If you are not data mining today, you should be. The PowerEdge MX can be the foundation your organizational needs for data mining application in database marketing, credit risk management, training and support, fraud detection, healthcare bioinformatics, sentiment analysis, qualitative data mining, and spam filtering.

Modernizing Infrastructure with Sized Solutions

Modernizing servers and infrastructure is the first step to your tomorrow. The real question is, how much compute do you have today, and how much will you need tomorrow? PowerEdge MX can handle it all.

Candoris pathfinders are here to help identify the best digital pathway for your organization and avoid technical debt as you align the best solutions for your organization’s growth.

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