Investing in Digital Transformation: 7 Things to Consider

Information Technology continues to move from being a cost center to being a business driver. A decade ago, C-suite leaders looked at how they could minimize IT spend and what they absolutely had to in order to refresh. The world has dramatically transformed and requires a digital-first approach that is hyper-focused on customer experience as well as security. Now, business leaders look to IT to change what they do, what products they offer, and how they deliver services to customers.

This requires a journey of digital transformation, which is both exciting and intimidating. 

Here are a few things to consider as you navigate through digital transformation: 

Capitalizing on ROI 

Where is your greatest return on investment? Focus on maximizing your impact and allow that to drive business decisions and fund allocation. 


The pace of change is accelerating. Is your company positioned to benefit from both external and industry changes? 

Technical Debt 

Does your business have technical debt? What types of technical debt are weighing you down and prohibiting agility and scalability?  


Agility will continue to be a business differentiator. Are you prepared to lead your team and your organization through change? 

Understanding Technology  

Business problems aren’t solved by technology, rather, technology either supports or prohibits core business initiatives. 

Strategic Alignment  

Deliberately align your resources, time, and assets with your planned customer journey.  

Change Management 

Communicate to your employees about change management – what it entails, what the expectations are, and what goals are set. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, but instead, a resource to benchmark efforts against. Are you addressing each of these elements? Are you experiencing friction with any of them in particular? 

Whatever your path, we’ll walk alongside you.  

At Candoris, we believe that our people are our product. We hand pick experts to be part of our team and to enhance our corporate culture, and we choose industry leaders as partners to offer our customers a world-class portfolio of solutions. Whether you’re just beginning to map out new strategies or you’re continuing to evolve your digital transformation journey, know that our team would be happy to walk alongside you.  

About the author

Chief Technology Officer

Sam has an impeccable track record in the IT field. He has managed internal development teams and completed projects for major health systems, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Sam graduated from Penn State University with a BS in computer engineering and has an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.