From Our Core: The Significance of the Candoris ‘O’

The root of the word Candoris is Latin, meaning sincerity, integrity, openness, and trust. When creating our company logo, graphic designers worked with founder Stephan Van Der Ploog to have the ‘O’ in Candoris resemble the view of looking down into the rings of a hand thrown clay pot. Here’s why:

Many etymologists believe that the word sincere is a compounding of the Latin words sine and cera, meaning “without wax”. In the ancient world, dishonest artists and merchants would doctor defects in pottery, such as cracks, with wax, and then sell the pieces at a higher price than they otherwise could. This inauthentic pottery would melt and leak when placed over a flame or used with hot material. Honest artists would discard imperfect pieces and start over. As it became increasingly difficult to discern between purchasing authentic pottery from flawed pieces, merchants took to stamping their pottery and hanging signs in their shops with the words Sine Cera, signifying that the pieces were made with pure material and “without wax”. This became a measure of authenticity.




Authenticity sums up Candoris core values. Our team and our leadership strive to perform to the highest degree, so that when people look at our work, they see no sign of wax, no dishonest patch jobs. This doesn’t mean that we will always be perfect, but it means that we will have been honest. This is our standard; this is Candoris.


About the author

Marketing & Content Strategist

Laura is the voice behind corporate messaging and manages editorial content and communications at Candoris. Her extensive and diverse experience in communications, program development, case management, and operations, particularly with international nonprofits, lends itself well to her dynamic role on the marketing and operations teams. Laura instituted and facilitates the Candoris wellness program and corporate travel program. She graduated from Franciscan University with a bachelor's degree in English writing, and is passionate about storytelling the Candoris mission.