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enterprises now have a multi-cloud strategy

Deciding if and when to make the move to cloud is rarely an all-or-nothing play. Most organizations already have some cloud-based workloads or SaaS subscriptions, and you can bet all others are evaluating how the cloud fits into their future strategies.

The pathfinders at Candoris can tame the complexity of this hybrid-cloud world reality and help design your firm’s unique cloud technology journey. We bring our unique and extensive cloud solution mix expertise to each new customer challenge, addressing key questions:

  • How can you effectively evaluate all the different cloud solutions?
  • Do we have the expertise for effective cloud management?
  • Which applications should specifically be in the cloud vs. on premises vs. hybrid cloud, and how do you secure each?
  • Does your industry have any privacy or data sovereignty regulations that might demand physical control of your data at all times?

Candoris works with decision-makers to blend best-in-class infrastructure and software to architect, implement, and manage your on-premises, hybrid cloud and cloud strategies, allowing firms to create new paths to transformation inside the cloud.

Private and hybrid cloud solutions blur the lines between on-premises and cloud instances and open new complicated decision points for organizations. It’s important to have a trusted partner who can help navigate a particularly fluid technology landscape.

Candoris helps organizations establish a solid hybrid or cloud strategy to accelerate innovation while balancing cost and compliance requirements and ultimately gain the flexibility and security requirements they need.


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