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Every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.[1]

Securing advantage in today’s highly competitive markets demands the constant pursuit of new insights from customers and operations. Both company and customer-provided data can often hold the keys to new efficiencies and profit-driving opportunities, but how can companies move past legacy data tools and begin to strategically leverage their data in the day-to-day operations?

The pathfinders at Candoris can simplify and accelerate organization-wide adoption of powerful data analytics tools, unleashing insights for decision-making support and operational improvement. Candoris helps business leaders confront key concerns such as:

  • Do I have the relevant, real-time data necessary to make a long-reaching decision about our operations?
  • How can analytics improve ROI?
  • How do we make complete and consistent data insights available across the entire organization?
  • What platform can meaningfully unite disparate data from various sources?

Candoris equips firms to incorporate artificial intelligence and enhanced data visualizations into their daily processes. These solutions enable firms to ensure data quality, security and availability and unleash data-driven insights for decision making and operational improvement.

The reality is that organizations large and small are generating enormous amounts of data. Fast-moving, modern businesses need real-time, predictive analytics — and these tools need to be in the hands of the stakeholders who can capitalize on the insights from new and expanding data sets.  “Over 2/3 of executives surveyed are expecting big data analytics initiatives to deliver cost reduction, innovation and disruption and accelerate the deployment of new capabilities /services.”[2]

Candoris excels at the planning, deployment, and ongoing support for data analytics tools that can open new worlds of competitive advantage and efficiency for firms determined to harness the incredible power of data-driven decision-making.



1 “10 Key Marketing Trends for 2017 and Ideas for Exceeding Customer Expectations”, IBM 2017, Web.
2 “Big Data Executive Survey 2017”, New Vantage Partners, 2017, Web.

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