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 worldwide survey respondents reported the average hourly downtime cost of their servers being between $301,000 and $400,000.[1]

Uninterrupted business operations hinge on data not just being protected, but in being quickly and fully recoverable in the event of an emergency or disaster. How fast can you recover?

The pathfinders at Candoris know that modern data protection strategies must comprehensively address all data and applications regardless of location — be it the software-defined data center, the cloud, or even a SaaS provider. Pathfinders work with organizations to address concerns such as:

  • Is our disaster recovery (DR) plan enough?
  • If there is a catastrophic failure, how soon can we recover data and resume critical operations?
  • How do we ensure newer apps and solutions are fully protected?
  • Is my cloud and on-premise data at risk in both locations? Is it secure at rest and in motion?

Leveraging comprehensive data protection solutions, the pathfinders at Candoris can evaluate your entire IT environment and fine-tune data protection and disaster recovery systems and processes to meet your unique requirements. We help firms design agile, responsive, and compliant backup and restore operations that secure business continuity in the wake of ever-expanding threats.

With digital systems becoming more universal, data security threats escalating, and data becoming more distributed across many locations, a comprehensive data protection strategy is more critical than ever. This means new strategies that enable business flexibility, including devices and application choices, inside a comprehensive security framework that also includes a disaster recovery plan.

Navigating this balance requires a partner like Candoris that can address modern customer requirements for agility and responsiveness and ensure an infrastructure primed for business continuity should the worst happen.



1 Statista.

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