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Elevating Your Endpoint Protection

“Ineffective endpoint security strategies are costing organizations $6 million in detection, response, and wasted time.”[1]

The rise of a mobile workforce, cloud-based applications, and a mix of both company-owned and user-owned devices means the network as we know it has expanded well into the cloud. How can organizations properly defend the proliferation of endpoints and the rapidly evolving edge of the modern network?

Candoris helps decision-makers protect vulnerable devices and connections against modern attacks and exploits, securing sensitive company, customer, and personal data with encryption. Ultimately, our pathfinders help improve productivity without sacrificing security or compliance, addressing key questions:

  • Do you have the right endpoint security plan so that user error-introduced breaches are more preventable?
  • Do mobile devices have endpoint protection to the same extent as devices located in network?
  • How can we best protect the expanded network created by remote workers, increased mobile access, and cloud applications?
  • How can Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) help meet governmental, healthcare, financial and/or insurance regulations while increasing user productivity?

By leveraging our partners’ endpoint protection solutions, Candoris can assess your endpoint access environment and recommend anti-virus, encryption, and related solutions and managed services. Our experts stay current on evolving threats and solutions to ensure our portfolio shields your first line of defense anytime, anywhere with special attention to:

  • Compliance in an in ever-increasing and complex global regulatory environment across industries
  • Ensuring protection from malicious software where your network is most vulnerable
  • Maintaining worker productivity while protecting corporate assets and reputation

A single breach can have a devastating impact on both your reputation as well as your bottom line, and the increasing volume and variety of threats makes the challenge even harder.

Our teams are ready to help you strike a secure, productive balance in today’s mobile-ready mix of company-owned and user-provided hardware, especially in an increasingly compliance-focused landscape.



1 The Cost of Insecure Endpoints, Ponemon Institute LLC, Publication Date: June 2017, Web.

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