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Elevating Your Identity Management

Forrester estimates that 80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials.[1]

Smarter identity management requires solutions that keep users connected and productive while protecting today’s true perimeter — the user in action.

Our pathfinders can architect and implement an identity management solution for your unique environment that simplifies and secures growth while answering critical questions:

  • How do we manage access and protect the identities and data for all the customers, employees, contractors, and vendors that have access to our network?
  • How can we best implement multi-factor authentication for access to data and applications?
  • How can you enhance identity management solutions without impacting employee productivity and adding undue complexity?

Our teams bring extensive experience implementing Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and Azure Multi-factor Authentication and more across a wide range of customers and solutions.

Whatever your current environment, our pathfinders’ expertise helps keep users productive while shielding highly distributed systems and data from increasingly sophisticated threats by protecting identities and data without adding undue complexity.


1 Forrester, 2017, Stop the Breach: Reduce the Likelihood of An Attack Through and IAM Maturity Model. Web

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Pathfinders from Candoris can help map your identity management journey with comprehensive product, implementation, and ongoing service recommendations that elevate and accelerate your organization.

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