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Salesforce is the #1 CRM provider[1], utilized by over 150,000 companies worldwide.

Collaborative selling has increased productivity by more than 25%[2]
Collaborative selling increased productivity for increasing pipeline[2]

As the number of digital customer touchpoints explodes, this adds both opportunity and complexity to how organizations grow. Our expertise with the platform—and a firm understanding of the benefits of Salesforce—help decision-makers find a smarter way forward.

  • From in-person to digital, email to calendar appointments, how can organizations efficiently consolidate customer and constituent data?
  • Are there better ways to monitor, measure, and optimize communication and interaction?
  • How can this data be combined with AI to make better decisions?

Often, the typical culprit preventing improved CRM capabilities is simply legacy hardware and software solutions that inherently can’t support or adapt to the rapidly evolving communications tools that have emerged.

Candoris is one of a very limited group of partners that have achieved North American Premium Partner status. Our certified administrators, developers, architects, and consultants excel at seamlessly integrating the world’s leading CRM into your unique operations and application environment. We have a long and proven track record of delivering expert implementation services along with custom development to ensure the success of our customers.

We understand that CRM changes are often the most potentially disruptive initiative for many organizations; however, we also know that a modernized CRM is an essential component of a broader digital transformation that enables decision-makers to optimize sales, service, donor management, and marketing operations. We can give you the Salesforce support you need.

Candoris can guide your Salesforce journey by combining deep platform expertise with an intimate understanding of both your industry and IT challenges. Our experts can confidently customize your Salesforce integration to support your organization’s needs for today and tomorrow.



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Pathfinders from Candoris can help map your Salesforce journey with comprehensive product, implementation, customization, and ongoing service recommendations that elevate and accelerate your organization.