Data Security


Elevating Your Data Security

The average cost of a data breach in the United States continues to increase  reaching $7.35M in 2017.[1]

As our personal and business devices become increasingly connected, properly securing the resulting amount of generated data has become an intimidating, pressure-filled task for organizations across industries.

Our certified security experts can assist you in maintaining tight control of company data amidst increasing security threats, helping decision-makers address pertinent concerns such as:

  • How do you regain control of company data, be it in the cloud, on individual machines, personal devices, etc.
  • How do we stay in front of the evolving data compliance requirements?
  • How can we deliver apps across multiple endpoint platforms securely?

Our integrated expertise in storage and data management is matched by a broad solutions portfolio. Whether direct attached, SAN, NAS, converged or hyper-converged, we design solutions to provide a comprehensive approach allowing your team to:

  • Regain control of data and compliance from device to the cloud
  • Leverage native storage platform’s encryption capabilities
  • Deliver applications around secure and sensitive data flows

Securing data in your on-premises storage infrastructure, cloud infrastructure services, and in the hands of SaaS application providers is an increasingly complex and critical challenge. It’s also important to prevent data leakage from user email abuses and lack of adherence to overall data security and privacy policies.

Candoris helps IT identify the exact tools, policies, and processes that ensure comprehensive data security and compliance demands. We know that continuous data security is imperative — in your data center, in the cloud, in your hands, or in motion.



1 2017 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study, Web.

We Can Help

Pathfinders from Candoris can help map your data security journey with comprehensive product, implementation, and ongoing service recommendations that elevate and accelerate your organization.