Modernizing Your DevOps

2018 will be the year of enterprise DevOps, according to Forrester[1]

organizations are implementing enterprise DevOps in 2018

organizations are planning on implementing enterprise DevOps in the next 12 months

Keeping pace with competition in today’s fast-paced digital world requires new levels of agility and automation across development, QA, and operations. Ensuring rapid product development, incident-free releases and dependable operations requires tighter integration between IT and developers than ever before.

Candoris pathfinders can enable IT staff to quickly respond to business needs while ensuring comprehensive testing, faultless merging of new code, seamless release of new functionality, and consistent application monitoring in the face of evolving cloud-based and hybrid-cloud IT delivery models, helping IT address important considerations:

  • What is the best way to monitor application performance and gain maximum uptime?
  • How can we create a pipeline to support continuous integration/continuous deployments (CI/CD)?
  • How can our operations team support a large-scale deployment or extreme peaks in delivery?

Candoris knows that DevOps is both a mindset and an approach for addressing operational challenges in modern IT. Our team brings expertise in both automation and the cloud, providing a sound foundation to help IT:

  • Accelerate time to business value with new innovations
  • Modernize and automate application development and IT delivery at scale
  • Free-up time to focus on other organizational needs

From continuous integration to continuous deployment, your new DevOps implementation model will necessitate substantial evolution across your IT, development, and business teams.

Candoris can help support your IT road map for DevOps, whether you are looking to migrate legacy apps to the cloud with minimal refactoring or are jumping head first into cloud-native development with comprehensive automation, containers, and more.



1 Forrester Q1 2017 Global DevOps Benchmark Online Survey, Web.

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