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Elevating Your Network Security

“…the two most likely reasons you will get exploited is due to unpatched software or a social engineering event where someone is tricked into installing something they shouldn’t. These two issues account for nearly 100 percent of the risk.”[1]

Network technology continues to evolve at rapid pace. How can IT best navigate this fluid landscape within the backdrop of escalating network security threats that must be addressed strenuously and simultaneously?

Today’s threat landscape is marked by rapid change and complicated new threats, matching the complexity of your own technology and business environments detail for detail. We understand your business and security needs first, working to deliver integrated solutions and expertise in threat detection, prevention, management, reporting, and analytics, helping organizations address key concerns:

  • What and where are our current vulnerabilities?
  • What vectors and techniques are attackers using against us?
  • How do you limit exposure to threats without impacting user experience or productivity?
  • Security isn’t my focus/strength. Can you help me manage my security posture?

Candoris solutions can be architected and implemented by our team then either run by you or wrapped in a managed service from Candoris that and allows you to maintain focus on core business. A custom network security solution design will be built on expertise with best-in-class solution partners.

In a world of evolving technology choices, understanding network security solutions while defining an appropriate architecture for your environment has never been more complex. Add in expanding data privacy regulations and compliance requirements and new challenges introduced by your own digital transformation and the need for expert assessment and management of your security environment is clear.

Candoris helps IT decision-makers prioritize security investments that can identify and defend against potentially devastating breaches as new vulnerabilities emerge, via vulnerability testing, penetration testing, threat intelligence, and security and risk consulting.



1 5 computer security facts that surprise most people, CSO Magazine December 2017, Web.

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