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37 percent of organizations are using both on-premises Microsoft Office and Office 365 concurrently.[1]

Across verticals ranging from manufacturing to education and nonprofits, the modern office is a fast-moving, shifting intersection of job functions, competing technology options, and unique operational constraints. Modern workers need to productively and seamlessly engage with peers and clients in the office and on the go. It’s what they expect and what future growth demands.

Our software specialists can work with IT to establish secure web-based instant messaging, cloud storage and file sharing, video conferencing, and desktop sharing options that ensure workplace collaboration with peers across the building and around the globe, ultimately helping IT decision-makers address troublesome concerns, including:

  • How do you effectively and securely enable teams to work, communicate and collaborate from anywhere, at any time?
  • How can you keep software and licensing current while reducing cost?
  • How can you identify and eliminate the use of unauthorized “shadow IT” applications and unify technology governance and planning?

Adopting modern cloud-friendly solutions allows IT to:

  • Simplify and consolidate application licensing and control
  • Enable seamless unified communications across voice, video, and data networks
  • Allow mobile workers to be fully equipped with always up-to-date productivity tools.

Today’s office is wherever you happen to be, so workers need modern solutions that work the way they do. Worker empowerment is about more than email, spreadsheets, and presentations — it’s about solutions that efficiently bring everything together and streamline critical workflows.

The specialists at Candoris can define your new productivity tools, manage the migration, and even provide ongoing user management and administration, unleashing empowerment across your organization.



1“Data Snapshot: The state of productivity suites in the workplace, Spiceworks November 2017, Web.

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