Cheers to 10 Years! Reflections from the Founder on Candoris Foundations


As Candoris turns 10 in 2021, Co-Founder & President Stephan Van Der Ploog reflects on setting the vision and foundation for this digital solutions company.

“In creating Candoris, my brother Lucas and I pursued a vision about the right way a company should be ran, namely: if you treat people the right way and do the right thing, good things happen.

— Stephan Van Der Ploog, President & Chief Accountability Officer

This vision has been proved by this remarkable group of people at Candoris. To see a team doing what should be done and being able to trust the output of each department without it requiring my daily directive is incredibly gratifying. Here we stand at 10 years and our 100themployee, and I’m blessed to be part of this story.

It hasn’t all been easy; it’s been a journey only made possible by the support of our families. I can’t even count the number of times that the Lord brought us through difficult times to show us that whatever ups or downs we go through, God is good. The impact that Candoris is having locally and more broadly is because God is using us in some way – the members of this team are making themselves available to Him.

I want to extend the biggest THANK YOU to our team, our partners, and our customers for believing in us and being part of this adventure that my family and I dreamed about. I’m incredibly excited for what’s in store in the coming years!

 Original Candoris employees being recognized for 10 years of service