16 of Our Team’s Must-Have Tech Accessories for Working from Home Success

What are some technology gadgets that the Candoris team of engineers, developers, project managers, and others use? Read on for our curated list of top pics as we head into working from home in the new year!


Jonathan Bowman

Software Engineering Project Manager

Dell Panoramic Monitor

It’s ergonomically important to have a monitor at eye-level, and this one offers that and much more.

Matt Weaver

Data Center Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

42″ 4k TV & DisplayFusion Pro

A big-screen experience with software to put all the windows in the right place on all that screen real estate.

Greg Moyer

Software Engineering Sr. Implementation Specialist

Dell Monitor Arm

This useful monitor arm allows adjusting screens to be eye-level.

Computer Accessories

Cari Maxwell

Director of Culture & Operations

Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

A must-have for an ergonomic setup and freedom of movement.

Matthew Nielsen

Software Engineering Project Manager

Logitech External Webcam

It’s useful to have an external eye-level webcam that sits on my primary monitor for video calls.

Laura Pugliano

Marketing & Content Strategist

Laptop Stand

A stand like this enables eye-level screen and ease of navigating between display screens.

Ben Chapman

Data Center Account Executive

Dell Dock

Docks are incredibly useful. They connect with a single cable and enable fast, efficient connectivity to devices with USB-Type CTM ports.

Matt Mierzejewski

Software Engineering Software Developer

KVM Switch

This is a great way to route four 4K displays to two displays.


Ryan Bartz

Data Center Account Executive

Plantronics Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Earset with noise-cancelling technology that connects to both PC and devices.

Bill Merritt

Software Engineering Implementation Specialist

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

Over-ear headphones delivers premium sound while blocking noise.

Jen Teisher

Software Engineering Business Analyst

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

In-ear, noise-cancelling headphones that connect with various devices as well as PC.

Jon Kraft

Data Center Sr. Network Engineer

Apple AirPod Pro

In-ear headphones with noise cancellation that connect to devices and PC.

Kate Wentling

Software Engineering Project Coordinator

OontZ Bluetooth Speaker

Stereo sound to deliver the perfect WFH environment.

Janessa Shyda

Marketing Assistant

Apple Headphone Jack Adapter

You can’t go wrong with this must-have adapter for wired headsets.

Other Useful Gadgets

Emily Hopkins

Marketing Manager

Wifi Access Point/Extender

Don’t let a minimal wireless range get in your way!

Mark Finlayson

Data Center Sr. Security Advisor

Ring Light

This selfie ring light connects to phones and laptops and delivers ideal lighting for webinars and video calls.

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