A Day in the Life of a Candoris Inside Sales Representative

What does it take to be a successful Inside Sales Rep at Candoris? What exactly does one do in this role, and what does the path to growth look like? How is success measured, and how does achieving it further the mission of Candoris? We will explore all of these questions and more in the following interview with Tanner Fitting, Candoris Inside Sales Rep.

What do you do at Candoris?

I am an Inside Sales Rep for Eastern PA on the Data Center sales team. I primarily work under the District Manager (DM), but I also support other reps when needed.

What is your ‘why’? What’s your reason for coming to work every day?

I work every day for a bigger reason. I certainly aspire to have a family and honor them by providing for them. But right now my main ‘why’ is helping kids from Haiti. Candoris is tightly woven with Love and Grace Ministries- Haiti, and through setting up a simple auto-deduction on my paycheck to this nonprofit boys’ home, I can help provide for someone less fortunate than me. Being able to easily support an awesome young Haitian man named Dufferson was a no-brainer.

How do you personally further the Candoris mission? How does your role tie to all other roles in seeking success for others?

I help my DM arrive at the sales quota that has been set for him, which in turn drives profit to the company, which leads to the possibility of Candoris providing water wells and schools for kids around the world. It’s a satisfying feeling to know that my role is tied to all employees and contributes to the core value of honoring family by generating income for our company.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On Mondays we have a team call (with the DM and 4-5 inside/ outside reps) to go over the past week and each rep’s cookbook. The Candoris sales team trains on and follows the Sandler Sales Methodology; with this comes “cookbooks”, an accountability tool where each rep lays out actionable tasks that, if accomplished, will result in success. It’s accompanied by a journal, where we log what we did that both worked and didn’t work, and what we’re doing to change what isn’t working and apply what is working. My week is organized by my cookbook. After we each go over our cookbooks, we look ahead to the coming week’s plans. Hearing what outside sales reps are experiencing is a great way to continually pick up on information and tips on ways to navigate projects and situations.

A typical day depends on what’s on the calendar. I’m usually tasked with making cold calls, follow-up calls to my DM’s existing accounts, and ecosystem calls (relationship-building calls to account executives and reps in companies that Candoris partners with such as Dell EMC and VMware). Following through on reaching out to accounts that Dell EMC reps give me and reporting back to them builds awareness for Candoris and keep us top of mind for them when reaching out to partners with project opportunities. All in all, this averages out to about 70 calls a day.

I am responsible for closing transactional business and fostering relationships to this end. I handle legal documents like statements of work. Another thing I do is assist with driving attendance for upcoming events, sending out invites that our marketing team creates, and pitching the occasion to my contacts with the goal of generating sign-ups.

“I couldn’t ask to be part of a better team. Candoris leadership is highly invested in their sales reps and strives to aid them at being successful…Right now, my reason for going to work each day is to help support an awesome young Haitian man named Dufferson through Love and Grace Ministries.”

What are some key traits to have in order to be successful in this role?

Organization is key in this role. As the internal support to someone who is always on the road, it’s critical that I stay organized and perform tasks in a timely manner. I help them manage a sales pipeline and timeline. Sometimes, in the middle of other duties, my DM will call me with a request to arrange a meeting. I have to be able to juggle many things at once and not lose sight of the various things I’m working on. Other needed skills to be successful in this role are time management, forward thinking and planning, willingness to spend a lot of time on the phone, the ability to be engaging and personal, and to possess a hunter mentality versus farming mentality. Being familiar with CRM (custom relationship management) technology such as Salesforce would be beneficial, as I spend a lot of time in this and track everything I do there.

I write down every request that comes in. I’ve tried different methods, but what works for me is a notebook where I can log things and cross things off. Other people use Basecamp, Excel spreadsheets, etc, but having a tangible book is what’s best for me. It helps me continually have a block and tackle mentality – I block something (put it down on paper), and then tackle the job at hand.

What does your path to growth look like?

I like that there’s a definite path to growth in this role. My next step is into an Account Executive role, where I’ll manage smaller businesses on my own and meet my own quota while continuing to assist with opportunities alongside the district manager. After that I’ll work my way up and be completely on my own and hit my own numbers with no ISR assistance. Senior Account Executives have an even higher amount of business that they aim to bring in, and have at that point earned the support of having their own ISR. The step beyond that is District Manager.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about applying for a sales position at a tech company like Candoris?

Having a job in sales is a little crazy, a little nerve wracking. I come from a communications background, so sales was something completely new for me. There was a lot to understand from the technology side, but little by little, I try to continually learn. I am constantly picking up more information, which is perfectly situated to the path to growth that I’m on in sales.

I couldn’t ask to be part of a better team. Candoris leadership is highly invested in their sales reps and strives to aid them at being successful. We’re essentially given the sheet music to orchestrate a beautiful symphony. 

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