A Day in the Life of a Candoris Software Developer

What does it take to be a successful member of the Software Engineering team at Candoris? What exactly does one do in this role? What is team and customer interaction like? We will explore these questions and more in the following interview with Matthew Mierzejewski, Candoris Software Developer Team Lead. 

How would you describe your role and responsibilities at Candoris?

I’m a Senior Developer and Technical Lead at Candoris, responsible for leading Salesforce and application development projects that typically include project architecture design, resource management, and best practice enforcement. I also do programming and DevOps-based tasks in addition to my leadership role.

As we’re always trying to keep up with new technologies and explore improvements to our tooling and DevOps processes, I work with other technical leads and team members to research these updates and figure out how to integrate them into our current processes. There is, on occasion, other technical solutions that I assist with including database administrative support, query analysis, or data migration.

“I believe I’m one of the few that gets to do what they absolutely love for a living. I work mostly with nonprofits, and it’s incredible to become a part of their team and feel like I’m contributing to their amazing efforts through my work.”

What drew you to your current profession?

I knew that I wanted to be involved in the technology field ever since I was 10 years old and started using an Apple II computer. As I worked more and more with computers, I developed a love for programming, as it allowed me to build something that could be seen and used. When I started in an architect role, being able to design complex solutions to problems resulted in an awesome rush of energy that I can’t turn away from. I’m very excited to say that I believe I’m one of the few that gets to do what they absolutely love for a living!

What has been your professional path to growth?

I started as a technical architect for federal financial solutions. In that position I did server maintenance, database administration, application monitoring, and software development. From there I moved to a pure development role in Pennsylvania K-12, where my responsibilities evolved over the course of several years to include database administrator, supervisor of development, and eventually overseeing all of development and service delivery.

What are key traits to have in order to be successful in a software development role?

I believe there are four traits that will result in success in this role:

  1. The ability to work and utilize your team. If you try and work only alone, you lose all the great input, discussions, and feedback from peers that will almost always result in a better product.
  2. Internal motivation to solve problems. While teamwork is very important, being able to work on your own to solve problems is key. Doing the research and not only finding a solution but understanding that solution is what separates a good developer from a great one.
  3. Being excited about exploring outside of the norm. If we continue to simply do things the same way, we will never improve or grow. Question how everything is done and analyze how you might be able to contribute and do things better.
  4. Get passionate about what you are doing, no matter how mundane, and take ownership of it. Do side projects, build tooling, provide alternative solutions, and contribute beyond your day-to-day. Nothing is more exciting than getting to see something that someone built and sharing in their enthusiasm. Even if you fail, trying is what’s important.

What is the team dynamic like at Candoris? How do various software teams handle project progression/handoffs?

The transition from pre-sales to implementation is typically the largest handoff for our teams. We have a lot of communication and processes in place to allow for a smooth transition, and the teams are usually not comprised of all the same people. We’ve found that it is critical to not only communicate what is to be done, but why it is being done. This gives a sense of connection to the client and what they are trying to achieve while elevating the project ownership of the team.

What do you find most fulfilling about being on the Candoris software engineering team?

At Candoris I get to interact with many different clients, all with different business processes and dynamics, which allows for amazing solutions to be built. I work mostly with nonprofits, and it’s incredible to become a part of their team and feel like I’m contributing to their amazing efforts through my work.

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About the author

Senior Developer & Technical Lead

Matt is core member of the Software Development team at Candoris, where he helps architect and implement Salesforce and custom application development projects. He graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in programming and a minor in business administration. Matt began his career working in federal government financial software implementations and moved to Pennsylvania K-12 development for 10 years before coming to Candoris. He’s passionate about enabling nonprofits and businesses to become more effective and better serve their clients and constituents.