Check Off Critical To-Dos from Your ‘Someday’ List

It’s typically not budget. Or staff. Or being at the bottom of the priority list. The top inhibitors of forward movement on technology needs are analysis paralysis and procrastination.

When I asked our sales team some of the roadblocks that our customers experience regarding enhancing security posture, possessing a dynamic managed services provider, modernizing infrastructure, and utilizing a connected customer relationship management (CRM) system, the number one culprit that people lament is that it’s on their “someday list”.

Has your organization outgrown your current managed service provider, and your help desk and handful of technicians are no longer adequately prepared to manage the complex technologies that enable your business to flexibly scale?

Are you aware of the cost of a data breach and has team security awareness training been top of mind for you, but you just haven’t carved out time to implement it?

Does your nonprofit continue tracking all its data in spreadsheets, fundraise through multiple platforms, and engage blindly with constituents, because the pain of delivering your mission this way hasn’t been quantified just yet?

What is the cost if you do nothing?  What opportunities do you miss?  What is the price of status quo?

Which project on your someday list can wait….and which one could make your organization suffer?

Which project on your someday list can wait….and which one could make your organization suffer?

Defeating Technology Analysis Paralysis

Data gathering on prospective technologies is an important step in identifying an ideal portfolio of solutions for your organization’s particular needs. Yet devoting excessive attention to unproductive activities and avoiding decision making because of fear of error or obsolescence will only harm your business.

One of the key indicators of innovative technology is the future-facing opportunities intrinsic to them. Candoris leadership has identified only a handful of industry-leading companies who create trajectory-changing solutions to partner with and to deploy for customers. Because our number one priority – our entire corporate mission – is to seek success for others through technology, we will only implement infrastructure, products, and solutions that enable businesses to meet core objectives and provide for future scalability, flexibility, and growth.

We place high value on being a trusted advisor and a digital pathfinder and are deliberate in the solutions that we hand-pick for our customers.

Journeying Through Digital Transformation with Candoris

If you’ve worked with Candoris, you know that our engineering team has deep respect for achieving certifications that equip them with current, deep knowledge in their field of expertise. These engineers also spend an incredible amount of time working either directly with customers to design specific technology roadmaps or with our team of business analysts and project managers to develop customized solutions that integrate with each other. Candoris project deliveries are not only made by our engineers – they’re also scoped and planned by our engineers.

Candoris engineers are also present from time to time on our webinars and Tuesday Tech Talks to facilitate deep dives into solutions with the solution providers themselves. If you haven’t tuned into one of our virtual events yet this year, I encourage you to do so. Many questions around solution capabilities are answered by our experts through this channel and offer insight to the faces behind Candoris who strive for delivering lasting value to customers.

Identifying Priorities and Scoping Milestones

Contacting our sales team is the first step to begin identifying and overcoming roadblocks. They possess intimate understanding of industries and IT challenges and will navigate you through products and solutions and answer any questions holding you back from forward momentum. From that point on, our internal teams will work with your organizational leadership to review priorities and determine a project plan and corresponding milestones and will build out your customized solution.

Your business is in good hands with the entire team at Candoris; your success is our mission.

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Laura plays a key role in marketing, communications, and operations initiatives at Candoris, including managing corporate content and the employee wellness program. Her project/program management experience, coupled with over a decade of crafting compelling stories for publications, nonprofits, and international programs, has led her to develop the Candoris brand identity and voice supported by a holistic content marketing strategy. Laura graduated from Franciscan University with a degree in English writing and is passionate about corporate mission and social responsibility.