Hyperconvergence = Hyper-Confusion?

There was a time not too long ago when hyperconvergence was a term used only in the world of big IT. For someone like me without an IT background, HCI, or hyper-converged infrastructure, is not only difficult to pronounce, but extremely daunting to understand. As companies acknowledge the definitive need to digitally transform their businesses, what are the steps to understanding and digesting the steps towards this grand ideal?

Let’s start with Digital Transformation. What does it mean? We stand at the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where physical, biological, and digital boundaries are blurring, allowing previously unrealistic ideas to become more tangible. These are not just incremental efficiencies, but a wholesale transformation of the world itself. Technology is moving beyond being a cost center, towards being a marketplace differentiator. To remain relevant necessitates dramatic change.

Traditional infrastructure has many pieces to it, beginning with servers, management software, data storage devices, and networking equipment. Converged infrastructure is the next level, combining the server, storage, and network hardware into a single box. Hyper-converged infrastructure is the culmination of a simplified environment that collapses compute, data storage, and networking under a unified software management layer. HCI creates a virtual, rather than physical, version of the traditional multi-component information technology infrastructure. There are many benefits to virtualizing infrastructure, including:

  1. Ease of management
  2. Long-term cost efficiency
  3. Capacity for rapid scalability and agility
  4. Reduced outages and downtime

Whether you are a small business owner with no IT department, or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company with little to no IT understanding, we want you to feel comfortable with some of the terms you’ll be hearing as businesses evolve to meet future needs. At Candoris, we embrace our role as a digital pathfinder – illuminating possibilities, reducing ambiguity, and mitigating risk. We seek first to listen and understand your specific situation before we recommend a solution. We focus on supercharging productivity, modernizing infrastructure, and elevating security for your business. Transformation is never an end state, but always a continual process. Choose us as companion and guide in your journey, and you can be at peace knowing that we will seek your success above all.

About the author

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Laura plays a key role in marketing, communications, and operations initiatives at Candoris, including managing corporate content and the employee wellness program. Her project/program management experience, coupled with over a decade of crafting compelling stories for publications, nonprofits, and international programs, has led her to develop the Candoris brand identity and voice supported by a holistic content marketing strategy. Laura graduated from Franciscan University with a degree in English writing and is passionate about corporate mission and social responsibility.