Our ‘Give Before You Get’ Approach

We were in a meeting recently with a partner talking about the future, our shared goals, and some exciting opportunities. At one point in the conversation, Sam Shrefler (our CTO) said, “We work hard to be a good partner, what can we do to be that for you?” There is nothing particularly profound about this question, but it was remarkable for me to see that we are explicitly practicing something we care very much about: putting others first. 

Culture and values play a prominent role at Candoris and we work hard to be intentional about reinforcing them. Our stated values reference humility, service, and doing the right thing. We aspire to integrate serving others into everything we do, including supporting our community and volunteering for causes we care about. But it goes much deeper. Living our core values means that we approach everything with an attitude of service and that we act in the best interests of our employees, customers and partners as we seek to help them succeed using technology. It’s an aspirational goal; we sometimes fail or focus on the wrong things, but we are consistently working to improve and raise the standard. 

This isn’t exactly new or revolutionary and it’s not unique to Candoris. There are lots of organizations that have similar values. TechStars founders Brad Feld and David Cohen started a podcast called Give First where they talk with mentors and founders about how giving first enables amazing entrepreneurship. Feld describes his deeply-held belief on the importance of adopting a philosophy of helping others without expectation of what you’re going to get in return in the Give Before You Get post on his blog. He is basically saying to always attempt to create more value than you extract. 

As we kick off 2020, our team at Candoris is excited about the opportunities we have to make a difference. We are passionate about creating lasting value for our partners and customers through the products and services we offer and the projects we deliver.  

And whether or not you’re explicitly asked in our interactions with you, our team is always preoccupied with this one question: How can we be a good partner?  

About the author

Chief Operating Officer

Leron thrives on solving challenges and strategically building and advising teams. His extensive background of holding senior leadership positions in the technology and professional services sectors is complemented by the incredible privilege and challenge he had of founding two pediatric orthopedic hospitals for a global nonprofit. Leron's experiences, intercultural expertise, and focused direction on operational efficiency and resource stewardship affords him unique insight into how teams can truly make a difference.