The Blessing in Shared Beliefs

When I introduce myself to someone for the first time, it’s almost inevitable that jobs are brought up. It’s like there’s some sort of unwritten code for communication in our society. First you talk about the weather. Then you talk about where you live. Then you talk about your job.

I love talking to people about my job. It wasn’t always that way. I’ve worked in a variety of fields- from agriculture, construction, and diesel mechanics to CAD drafting, database system design, and corporate marketing- but a fundamental shift happened when I took a position at Candoris. It was something that seems so obvious now, and yet had never occurred to me before.

I started working for a company that shared my beliefs.

I’ve been a worship leader for my church for the past decade. I’ve done ministry in prisons and on the streets. Even though I haven’t always succeeded at living out my faith, it has been a constant presence in my life and shapes my convictions about morality and justice, about purpose and success. We are here for more than just working a day job and collecting a paycheck. We’re here to live out the love of Christ so that others can see it, experience it, and believe as well!

A fundamental shift happened when I took a position at Candoris. I started working for a company that shared my beliefs. 

When people ask me about my job, I get to tell them I work for the most incredible company I’ve ever come across. I get to tell them that through working for Candoris I have opportunity to provide people passionate about their mission with modern technology. Supporting these visionary philanthropists in turn aids underprivileged youth, cancer patients, and veterans; it even helps remote villagers in Africa obtain the Bible in their own language!

At Candoris, the work we do to help an organization through its digital transformation is ultimately helping it touch many lives for the better. Our company was founded to be that way, and it truly is that way. For almost four years, I’ve loved talking about my job because here, I have the privilege of seeking success for those doing great good in the world.

About the author

Bill is a Salesforce Support Team Lead adept in solving complex business issues. His previous experience as a Salesforce administrator for a global electronics company makes him a valuable resource for implementing large-scale deployments. Bill is skilled at executing custom solutions and facilitating trainings, and enjoys supporting nonprofits in the valuable work they are doing for society.