Remote Workforce Best Practices: A Guide to Maintaining Business Momentum

World events have placed high demand on businesses to maintain momentum as their teams go completely remote. Supporting this new remote workforce while providing them with the same user experience and secure environment can seem like a daunting task if your organization was unprepared. As a digital solutions provider focused on customer success, Candoris is prepared to help your business quickly and securely transition staff to remote working without sacrificing productivity.

We invite you to join us as we explore:

  • Securing remote access
  • Features to look for in client-less access, client-based access, and SSL-based connections
  • Creating a user-friendly experience for employee personal devices without compromising security
  • Migrating workloads to cloud solutions
  • Leveraging VDI for secure application access
  • IT remote assistant capabilities

Rapid transition from office-based collaboration to remote collaboration can be bumpy and scary. We’re here to guide you through it as you position your business for success.

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