Custom Twilio SMS Solution

Candoris offers a lightning-ready, custom SMS solution built natively on the Salesforce platform. This solution provides a set of components to seamlessly send SMS messages to any Salesforce objects (contacts, leads, campaigns, etc.). Various features include templated messages for dynamic content, multiple language support, intelligent response handling, and sending from a process builder. Inbound messages can be acted upon by a set of simple actions (update field, send email, and send SMS), and more advanced processing can be handled by a visual workflow. With the SMS chat feature, a Salesforce user is able to have a real-time conversation with a contact. For marketing-oriented sends, a campaign can be created and a message can be sent to the campaign members.

The reason to build this solution was driven mainly from limitations with existing packages and the need to build a richer experience for the customer to send SMS messages. Candoris has worked with the Achieve Atlanta team to integrate the Twilio SMS solution to drive student and parent engagement in the scholarship application process. Fuel Fund of Maryland leveraged the solution to send notifications about class times and locations to their Watt Watchers participants and follow-up messages about attending or missing a class.



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