Head into the New Season with Dynamic Salesforce Winter ’21 Offerings

Salesforce releases updates multiple times a year that offer new features and tools for admins, developers, and consultants to offer customers. The software engineering team at Candoris gets super excited for each new release, as there are always offerings that will greatly improve customer experience of the Salesforce platform. The Salesforce Winter ’21 release holds lots of things to be excited about! The release date for organizations differ, but are September 18, October 10, and October 18.

Follow the hyperlinks below to see notes on these impressive new features, Trailheads showcasing how to utilize them, and AppExchange resources.

New Salesforce Tools & Features

Introducing Customer 360 Guides

Customer 360 Guides bring together assets for c-suite executives, line-of-business leaders, architects, and developers to drive digital transformation and engage customers.

Add In-App Guidance to New, Edit, and Clone Pages

This new feature will aid users as they create, edit, and clone records, including dialogs, with in-app guidance on how to complete different processes.

Trailhead Search Results

Trailhead search results are now included in the Help Menu inside the app.

Enhanced Salesforce Survey Features

Salesforce surveys have received a host of new features including templatized surveys, personalized questions, improved experience with global participants, and more!

Highlights Panel Shows More Record Info

Hovering over a lookup relationship field on a record page now can display the first seven fields from the compact layout in a highlights panel. Previously, the highlights panel displayed only the first five fields.

PILOT PROGRAM: Microsoft Teams Integration Brings Salesforce & Microsoft Teams Together for Service Reps

This Microsoft Teams integration provides context about Salesforce records, eliminating the need to switch between applications. The Teams integration is available to selected customers nominated for participation. As an organization that uses Teams, we’re excited to hear that Salesforce will soon have this integration!

New Salesforce Communities Tools & Features

SMS an Option for Multi-factor Authentication

You can now allow external users to use SMS as a multi-factor authentication method. No need for downloading special apps—verification can be as easy as getting a text message.

Apply Audiences to Record Detail Pages with Record-Based Criteria

You can now vary what people see on a record detail page using audience criteria based on record fields.

Manage Your Pages and URLs with the Pages Menu

This new feature makes it easy to organize and restructure your pages and page URLs in Experience Builder. Edit your pages to suit your content needs with the Pages menu and see these updates in your live site’s URL.

New Pardot Tools & Features

Email Builder and Sender Redesigned

Pardot’s new email builder supports marketers with a new streamlined and user-friendly email experience, making it easier than ever to create email content, source Salesforce CMS images, review metrics, and more. The whole design and send process has been moved inside of Salesforce’s Pardot app.

Email Metrics Easily Found in Salesforce

Rollup metrics are available on email content and email template records, and marketers get an aggregate view of how certain content and templates perform based on statistics from everywhere they’re used.

If you’re new to Salesforce releases, you’ll be pleased to know that they roll out new ones three times a year. Keep an eye out for future resources to help you get the most out of the incredible Salesforce platform of solutions. In the meantime, get to know our core leadership and delivery team!

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