Lightning Experience is a Game Changer

Salesforce continues to invest all of its development resources in Lightning Experience, or LEX, for short. With the Winter ’16 release, Salesforce has made an emphatic statement that Lightning Experience is real and here to stay. Since then, with each new release came significant enhancements designed to enrich user experience and expand upon business application features. Therefore, why should we be considering a LEX upgrade?

LEX Described

Lightning Experience was designed from the ground up as a mobile-first user interface. This design approach allows Salesforce to have a consistent look and feel across devices. The result is an elegant, clean-looking and simplified user experience which severs its ties to the old, fixed-banner look of Salesforce Classic. But it is much more than a refresh. A significant number of enhancements focused further on usability and configurability. You’ve heard the phrase, “there’s an app for that”. LEX comes pre-configured with a number of apps to drive process. It also offers 100% flexibility when it comes to creating your own apps.

Feature Improvements with Direct Impact to Your Bottom Line

Account Insights tie the accounts in your Salesforce to current news and information associated with each account. This curated view of related information is useful when conducting account research or considering how events may impact your account relationships.

Paths allow major gift officers and grant writers to quickly access a view of each of their pending opportunities. The views can be designed to focus on the current stage and the most meaningful fields, and direct the user what to focus on at that point in the process. Paths are completely configurable to meet the demands of your organization. Because they focus on the most critical data at the right time, they allow organizations to stay focused on the important steps, eliminating wasted effort and increasing ROI.


Your Users will Love It! Salesforce has catapulted into the future with themes and features to enhance user experience. Besides the obvious visual appeal, LEX has opened the door for continual development and enrichment as each new release is rolled out. But what about your users? There will be challenges for sure. We all have our favorites. Just like us, your users will find new and exciting features just around the bend.

Eliminate Technical Debt with LEX. A challenge faced by every organization is the appropriate time to move forward in their use and adoption of new technologies versus the cost in disruption and dollars of doing so. A critical aspect of that decision that is often left out of the equation is the cost of staying put as technology moves ahead without you, a gap that grows with time. With respect to Lightning adoption, the product has matured to the point that virtually all new features and capabilities are being targeted towards LEX. Luckily, the cost of the technology itself is zero, as additional or modified licenses are not required. Migration costs are solely tied to implementation and training and can be staggered over time if desired.

For all of these reasons and more, LEX is surely a game changer!


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