MuleSoft Composer: The Integrator We’ve All Been Waiting For

There’s a topic that comes up in 9 out of 10 projects we implement: integrations. Salesforce is fantastic at tracking data, facilitating business processes, and running reports and dashboards. Typically, though, there is at least one to several operations happening somewhere else. You may have a donation page or event signup form. There may be a custom application that you need to export spreadsheets from on a weekly basis. You may even be exporting data from Salesforce to join it with data from your ERP or another application for analytics.

I’m always hopeful with these conversations but sometimes it can be a dice roll if an existing integration exists or not. If there isn’t an integration offered by the company whose product we are trying to integrate, then we either have to write a custom integration (assuming we have APIs or at least well formatted data to work with) or the “integration” becomes a manual process.

MuleSoft Composer Enables Integrations for Any Expertise

Thankfully, a better solution is now on offer, at least for some scenarios. Salesforce has recently announced the general availability of their new product, MuleSoft Composer. MuleSoft Composer is a lightweight integration installed as a managed package directly within Salesforce, built on top of the robust MuleSoft Anypoint Platform that enterprises have been using for years. What sets MuleSoft Composer apart from the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is that this tool is designed for admins to implement integrations without writing a line of code.

Events like the spread of COVID-19 don’t wait for an ideal time for an organization to adopt new technology

In fact, Salesforce is imagining a future where any go-getter can set up integrations to enable their teams through a practice called citizen integration. This is particularly relevant in today’s world where organizations must adopt change much quicker than they used to. Events like the spread of COVID-19 don’t wait for an ideal time for an organization to adopt new technology; soon we’re left with data on 50+ platforms with nary an idea of how to connect it all! MuleSoft Composer’s uniform approach of building connections between disparate platforms allows even hesitant technologists to quickly connect systems and trigger updates to data.

It’s also a powerful solution for experienced admins, allowing them to kick off processes based on specific events or schedules. MuleSoft Composer will extract data from connected systems and map the extracted data to Salesforce (or a second system). While building, admins can see sample data from every step in the flow (real sample data from their connected systems). The data can be filtered and routed via flows based on conditional logic. The admin can even loop through a collection of records and perform actions on each record in the set. MuleSoft composer provides tools to help troubleshoot any errors that arise in flows.

MuleSoft Composer a Powerful Tool for Innovation

At launch, MuleSoft Composer supports NetSuite, Slack, Tableau, Workday, Google Sheets, and, of course, Salesforce. There are many possibilities for innovation with these systems. Consider a marketing department that is collecting information about attendees of a marketing event using a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Salesforce can be integrated with this spreadsheet to create Campaign Members in Salesforce and update the Google Sheets spreadsheet with additional contact information for each attendee. A message can be broadcasted in Slack any time a new deal is closed to help celebrate with the rest of the team. At the same time, as the deal is closed MuleSoft Composer can reach out to NetSuite to ensure inventory is available and make sure the counts are updated to reflect the latest order.

The Future of Increased & Enhanced Connections

Salesforce has plans to add new connections monthly and is relying on help from the community to identify and prioritize those connections. They are also planning on some additional features to help round out the product with in-app guidance, data manipulation and transformation, and templates. All of these are sure to excite when they hit general availability!

Our Team is Ready to Help!

I personally can’t wait to start recommending MuleSoft Composer to our customers as we hear about their integration needs. While it will surely enable us to help them implement their integration quicker and more economically, it will also enable them to maintain the integration themselves and connect with more platforms in the future.

Candoris is a Salesforce Premium Partner with Nonprofit Cloud Master Competency, and we guide organizations’ Salesforce journey by combining deep platform and cloud expertise with an intimate understanding of industries and IT challenges. If you have a MuleSoft Composer integration you’re considering, please let us know! We would love to help you navigate your options and look forward to helping you make use of all Salesforce has to offer.

About the author

Matthew is a Solution Analyst with an impeccable track record of managing a portfolio of complex projects. His experience as an analyst for an international technology services company primed him for this role of building and managing elaborate Salesforce solutions. Matthew has worked with teams across the world on projects including web development, mobile applications, cloud services and smart devices. He graduated from Penn State University with a degree in information science and technology.