Revolutionizing Church Engagement with Salesforce Communities

Churches are actively working to mobilize constituents to spread their message of faith. In a world that has been digitally transformed, churches must rethink the ways in which they are communicating and engaging with their congregations.

Through the use of Salesforce Communities, churches engage in thoughtful conversations and activate their members to a meaningful life of service to others. It’s a social platform you control. For churches, that means leaders can connect with members in a way that is not only comfortable and familiar, but also meaningful and convenient. A private Community allows members to raise their hand; it helps church leaders communicate with members in a timely fashion – and in a way that facilitates continued conversation and commitment.

In addition to facilitating conversations, Communities can provide members with a place to explore important content and enhance educational offerings. A Community can become your repository of content – both for internal users in need of specific information and for external constituents who may be looking for a library of general content to feed their spiritual journey.

Communities have helped churches empower group leaders and members, giving them a platform to engage, educate, and energize congregations and volunteers. The possibilities with Salesforce Communities are immense and certainly worth consideration!


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