Spring Cleaning Tip: Tidy Up Those Dirty Duplicates

Spring cleaning is not always an enjoyable task, but by clearing out unwanted clutter and maintaining our home we gain a much-needed fresh start. With all the duplicate management tools now offered by Salesforce, there are some great options for spring cleaning your Salesforce house.

Duplicate contacts, leads, and accounts can be a major headache for organizations. It becomes increasingly difficult to manage data coming in from so many sources, often through automated processes. The danger is that your efforts to collect valuable data from your constituents can get spread over multiple records, with no good way to determine which record represents the most recent and accurate information.

But there’s hope with these easy-to-implement tools from Salesforce. As an added bonus, they’re already included in your org for free!

  • Matching Rules – These define the criteria used to determine whether a record is a possible match or not. We recommend matching off of an exact email address, or first name, last name, and street address. This approach has a balance of keeping your data clean but not flooding you with potential matches that constantly need sorting. Matching Rules can use “fuzzy” logic as well, so you can match up “Bob” with “Robert” or catch common typos.
  • Duplicate Rules – These define the action Salesforce takes when a matching record is found. Your options are to block creation of records, alert the user, or flag the record for reporting on later. We recommend just alerting and reporting. Blocking the creation of records can get in the way of many automated processes and frustrate users who are trying to record those much-needed donations!

  • Duplicate Jobs – This is a brand-new feature in Salesforce! Previously, matching rules only applied to new records created after the rule was activated. Now you have the ability to apply those rules to existing records and really do some deep cleaning!
  • Contact Merge Tool – Easily view potential duplicate records side by side and choose what information to keep from each record, field by field. You can review those matches and make sure that no valuable data is lost.

All of these tools can be easily accessed in the setup menu for you to explore and utilize, or you can reach out to us to help you implement them. Either way, you can expect to haul out a lot of garbage and be left with a sparkling clean and efficient Salesforce.org.