New Career Opening: What is an Identity Management Solution Architect?

Candoris is looking to fill an immediate opening for a brand-new role: Identity Management Solution Architect. This team member will work with commercial, SLED, and nonprofit customers to install, integrate, and deploy SailPoint Identity Solutions in client environments, and QA test, document, and create training materials for solutions. They will be part of our innovative, expert engineering team and collaborate closely with sales and project leadership.

What is an identity & governance implementation architect?  

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), also known as identity security, is at the center of IT operations, enabling and securing digital identities for all users, applications, and data. It allows businesses to provide automated access to an ever-growing number of technology assets while managing potential security and compliance risks. IGA helps answer these 3 questions:

  • Who has access to what?
  • Who should have access to what?
  • How is that access being used?

An architect helps an organization navigate those questions and applies the correct methodology and technology design to solve for them.

How does SailPoint fit into the Candoris portfolio of offerings and what is the business value it offers customers?

Digital transformation has greatly increased the complexity and scale of managing users and resources in an organization. IT environments are more open across employees, contractors, suppliers, and business partners. Combined with additional applications, data growth, system resources, robot identities, and IOT, it further increases complexity and risk. Many of these items sit beyond the traditional network perimeter. The drive for collaboration and productivity causes an organization’s attack surface to expand to potentially millions of access points in an environment, and each access point is an exposure to a potential breach. Data collaboration can enhance productivity but requires the ability to establish trust. 

SailPoint (IGA) helps establish the overarching Trusted Governance, giving insight into risk, security, and compliance. The SailPoint Open Identity Platform allows organizations to see and govern everything while empowering teams with access to the right data at the right time. SailPoint goes beyond access management and focuses on identity governance, defining and governing access rights, and minimizing risk associated with user privileges; it also addresses entitlement creep, orphaned accounts, and separation-of-duty policies.

What are the responsibilities of a Candoris SailPoint Implementation Architect?

The role is focused on levering SailPoint in a design that is governance-based, open platform, optimized for hybrid environments and extending to structured and unstructured data. The Architect will use that design to provide an implementation that meets an organization’s business requirements and needs. There will also be a strong focus on the SailPoint SaaS offering IdentityNow. The role will be responsible for in-depth identity modeling to understand how each identity relates to an organization’s full IT environment whether on premise or in the cloud. This role requires an understanding and ability to design and implement a SailPoint solution that delivers provisioning and deprovisioning roles on time, certification of entitlements, and compliance and audit reporting. 

What type of person would be successful in this position?  

The right candidate for this role is ideally a person with SailPoint and/or identity governance experience; cloud architecture experience is also useful. They need to possess a business or organizational analyst skillset and be a systematic problem solver. Above all, we look for professional, quality leaders excited to join a mission-oriented team focused on delivering lasting value to customers and making an impact beyond the bottom line.

See the career posting above and apply now to join the team at Candoris.