Penetration Tests & Security Assessments: How Ethical Hackers Expose Security Risks to Make Businesses Secure

Every business exists to support some type of goal, and it’s important for business leaders to understand what they’re trying to protect. Their entire security posture hinges on identifying vulnerabilities, thereby enabling organizations to protect, detect, respond, and in some cases, recover from breaches.

What are some of the security offerings that Candoris delivers to customers? We offer a wide variety of highly customizable:

  • Penetration tests
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Risk & GAP assessments
  • Compliance assessments
  • Compromise assessments
  • We also resell an extensive selection of security related products and solutions!

Throughout all of the Candoris offerings, what our team seeks above all is customer success and building efficient, effective security programs.

What does a Candoris penetration test delivery and report look like?

We align our penetration tests with current trends we see in the real world that present huge risks, such as:

  • Phishing and social engineering – Weaknesses related to human error 
  • Misconfiguration – Suboptimal or incorrect technical configurations that lead to system weaknesses.
  • Patching deficiencies – Systems exposed due to lack of patching current software or upgrading firmware.
  • Zero-Day Vulnerabilities- Systems exposed because a patch for the security flaw is not yet available.

The team at Candoris is very flexible and we tailor our tests to each customer. There are times when we’re asked to perform a standard penetration test on external and internal infrastructure devices. Other times, we expand on a standard offering and physically go into environments to test security controls like the ability to clone RFID door access badges or plug in to an exposed network jack to gain additional unauthorized access. We can also conduct social engineering attacks, generating phishing attacks on internal teams or impersonating trusted contacts over the phone or in-person in order to gain trust and therefore access to information.  

We conduct all these tests with the goal of exposing security risks that a malicious attacker wishing to do harm could also expose and exploit. We specialize not only in exploiting environments but helping organizations secure them from exploitation.

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Why should organizations choose to have a penetration test done?

1. Compliance is often a primary reason that organizations pursue penetration tests

2. Business managers are seeing the damaging consequences of security breaches for not just enterprise, but small and medium organizations as well

3. An outsider’s view of an organization is completely different from the perspective of internal teams

4. Skillsets needed to research, discover, and exploit vulnerabilities require significant time, training, and expertise from resources that aren’t typically found within internal organizations.

To beat a hacker, you must think like a hacker

Hacking meets ethical hacking: what are guidelines to ethical hacking?

To beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker. Professional certified ethical hackers (CEH) spend time researching and simulating real world attacks to understand the ease of exploitation, probability, and likelihood of attacks. What makes ethical hackers different than malicious attackers are their ethical nature and the code of conduct they abide by. Some of the additional rules of engagement that Candoris CEH’s bind themselves to include establishing a predefined scope with customers and adhering to it as well as following industry leading best practice methodologies that assist in keeping the engineer focused and on track to result in a successful engagement.

Why Candoris? The value we provide

The extensive and comprehensive engineering team at Candoris can help bridge the gap by remediating findings identified through penetration tests. We possess a wide range of security expertise and engineering excellence that can not only offer guidance on building effective security programs, but also specific guidance and implementation to design, implement, and support a secure network – resulting in effective and efficient business operations for your organization.

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Director of Professional Services

Kelly is a security solutions expert with an impressive portfolio of education and professional certifications. She served in the United States Air Force and has 13 years of security experience spanning industry verticals from financial services and insurance, to healthcare, education, and government. Kelly is passionate about bridging business gaps with technical solutions and specializes in developing highly successful and effective security programs to help businesses maintain operational efficiencies.