You’re Under Attack, and Not Just from the Coronavirus

You’re under attack by fraudsters, manipulators, scammers trying to steal your identity and make tons of money. While most of the world’s population is distracted by news and with equipping themselves with supplies to weather a threat to their wellbeing, a small minority has recognized an opportunity to prey on people’s fears and exploit them for not paying attention. 

Welcome to the glass half empty. Threat actors live to take advantage of businesses, people, and definitely pandemics. And for how fast and furiously COVID-19 is spreading and affecting virtually every person and industry, vulnerabilities are ripe for the picking. People are driving and shopping erratically. Business and data are relocated to inside their staff’s houses. The world’s population is in front of a screen more than anywhere else. 

In this current pandemic landscape, you need to ramp up your cybersecurity diligence. Your vulnerable state is being taken advantage of, and you have every right to be upset. 

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, cyber criminals are creating thousands of fake Coronavirus websites daily. Scammers set up a site and impersonated the internal email system of World Health Organization (WHO) staff to con people out of money and personal information.  Medical systems working on a vaccine for the Coronavirus were hit by a ransomware attack that exfiltrated patient records and posted them online. In this current pandemic landscape, you need to ramp up your cybersecurity diligence. Your vulnerable state is being taken advantage of, and you have every right to be upset. 

 Here are some things to watch out for:  

  • Email phishing attacks with malicious links/attachments  
  • Emails with spelling errors in it 
  • Emails relaying a sense of urgency 
  • Emails from odd senders asking for you to send information or to interact with the email 
  • Emails with subject lines including Coronavirus/COVID-19  
  • Charity scams 
  • Online products marketed to help cure or treat the Novel Coronavirus  
  • Websites branded with the words Coronavirus, Covid, pandemic, virus, or vaccine 

Proofpoint published a short two-minute video recognizing the dramatic increase in phishing attacks:  

Our team at Candoris wants you to know that we’re available to talk through any of your security concerns for your organization and your team. Your security and your success are paramount to us, and we’re right by your side as you navigate your organization and team vulnerabilities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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