Tuesday Tech Talks

Assessing Environments with VRNI

Candoris District Manager, Andy Toth and VMware Networking & Security Regional Sales Specialist, Chris Lifsey dive into the benefits of vRealize Network Insight in the first episode of the 3-part series, ‘Assessing Environments with VRNI.’

Utilizing CARES Act Funds to Prepare for the Unpredictable Future

Candoris Sr. Security Advisor, Mark Finlayson, sits down with Cisco Public Funding Advisor, Emily Moulton, and Territory Account Manager, Arun Dharan, in the first installment of ‘Utilizing CARES Act Funds to Prepare for the Unpredictable Future.’  

Candoris Sr. Security Advisor, Mark Finlayson and Candoris District Manager, Andy Toth, discuss trending security issues and suggested preventative measures particular to the K-12 education industry. You don’t want to miss the final installment of ‘Utilizing CARES Act Funds to Prepare for the Unpredictable Future.’  

CMMC & MSP Tech Talks

In this installment of Tuesday Tech Talks, Candoris and Arctic Wolf are teaming up to inform manufacturers about the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and how to prepare for the necessary CMMC certification. Candoris is one of the first companies in the United States to become a CMMC Registered Provider Organization (CMMC-RPO). Arctic Wolf can help fill some of the critical gaps you may encounter while preparing for CMMC certification, including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and more! Watch on-demand now!

It wouldn’t be smart to merely “outsource” the most critical layer of your business. In this Tech Talk, Dave Seaman, VP of Data Center Solutions, and Kyle Firster, MSP Account Executive, discuss the value of augmenting your IT department and partnering with an organization like Candoris to drive long-term change. Central to their discussion is how a layered approach to managed services extends into cloud/hybrid cloud and security detection and response.  

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Series

Learn to secure your environment with a few easy changes to GPOs and native Microsoft tools. Candoris Director of Engineering Nick Pier explores easy remediations and settings to close infrastructure security gaps in Active Directory environments in the sixth episode of our SME Tech Talk Series.

Catch the fifth episode of our SME Tech Talk Series, where Director of Engineering, Nick Pier, performs a live demo of Zerologon from the attacker’s perspective! Learn about the Zerologon unauthenticated Domain Controller compromise and the patch that Microsoft has to fix this vulnerability.

In the fourth episode of our SME Tech Talk Series, security experts Kelly Markey and Jon Kraft discuss how penetration tests strengthen data security and limit cyberattack liability. Check out how these tests directly relate to business goals and objectives and provide incredible value.  

There’s an overwhelming river of data available for your organization to wade into and extract value from. Can your IT environment support diving into it? In the third episode of our SME Tech Talk Series, Candoris data center experts, Jon Spinney and Matt Weaver discuss the high-performing, all flash solutions that are more accessible and affordable than ever before, offering scalability in addressing your explosive data accumulation. Check out Structuring Storage: Models That Scale with You

It’s that wonderful time of the year again for Salesforce users! Tune into the second installment of our SME Tuesday Tech Talks as Candoris implementation specialists, Greg Moyer and Jeff Clark dive into cool Salesforce features that are sure to make waves in your organization. Nonprofit leaders and developers, this one is for you!

Overwhelmed by information on cybersecurity, vulnerabilities, and threat detection and not sure where to start? Candoris Sr. Networking & Security Engineer Kelly Markey and Arctic Wolf Sr. Presales Systems Engineer John Davies highlight the most important trends in this first installment of our new Subject Matter Expert (SME) series Tech Talks. 

Security Seminar Series

In our first installment of the Security Seminar Series Candoris VP of Data Center Solutions Dave Seaman discusses the importance of aligning a security framework with the ever-changing shifts of business with Candoris Network Architect, Nick Pier and Senior Security Advisor, Mark Finlayson.  

In our second installment we dive into “Protecting Our Borders.” Guest panelists Jonathan Randall and Rob Serowik join us from Fortinet alongside Candoris End User Compute Engineer Ryan Wampler in the discussion covering Zero-Trust Network Access, Multi-Factor Authentication and more. 

Guest panelist Jeff Miller from Arctic Wolf joins Candoris Senior Security Advisor Mark Finlayson in our third segment of the series, titled “One Step Ahead: Detection & Response.” Tune in to the discussion surrounding the role of SIEMS and aligning an MDR solution that fits your organization’s needs.

Candoris Senior Security Advisor Mark Finlayson and Senior Infrastructure Engineer Luke Young discuss recovery and how to develop a disaster recovery plan that will aid your organization in the event of a data breach throughout our final segment of the Security Seminar Series, “The Comeback: Recovery.”  

Agility in a Cloud Native World Series

VP of Data Center Solutions Dave Seaman sits down with Director of Engineering Nick Pier and Project Manager Jonathan Bowman in the first segment of Agility in a Cloud Native World. Watch to learn about all things Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps, proprietary cloud solutions, security responsibility, and more!

Cross-platform benefits, chronicling and automation, and container’s effect on change-management in this informative session are all covered by Candoris software developer Adam Tran and project manager Jonathan Bowman in the second episode of the ‘Agility in a Cloud Native World’ series led by VP of Data Center Solutions Dave Seaman. 

What exactly is Kubernetes and why does it benefit developers? Discover the answers to the latest hot topic in on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions in the third segment of ‘Agility in a Cloud Native World’ series led by VP of Data Center Solutions Dave Seaman featuring Director of Engineering Nick Pier and Project Manager Jonathan Bowman.  

Developing new cloud-native apps into containers, running them on the private cloud with Kubernetes, and more! You don’t want to miss this sit down with guest panelist VMware Senior PA of Modern Applications Scott Brightwell to discuss ‘Leveraging the Private Cloud’ in the final episode of our Agility in a Cloud Native World Tuesday Tech Talk Series. 

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